Mike Lacey
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Now And Then

This is a release called Now And Then, a collection of 23 songs spanning 35 years of writing and recording (with a 12 year hiatus for Medical Residency, starting private practice and helping raise a young family). Many have been remixed, and are drawn from my previous 9 releases (the first being a cassette!). A mix of styles, including blues rock, roots rock, Americana, Alt Country and rock n roll. Most have been (and/or are being) played on internet radio, or have been imbedded in TV shows and movies- drawn from a library of over 170 copyrighted songs - and includes Dreamchaser, a tribute I wrote for a friend/classmate, Dave Brown, who was Chief Medical Officer on the space shuttle Columbia. It's a sampling of my life's work done with the help of friends and Family, making it even more special. There's still more to come, cause as long as this bizarre World has folks doing the crazy and (sometimes) wonderful things they do, there will always be ideas to explore and stories to tell. So check it out, it's available on multiple streaming services for listening and download, as well as physical CDs for purchase. Thanks again for listening and supporting Independent Artists. Please share and turn it up!!

1 Next To You  
2 Chasing Away The Blues  
3 Feels Like Home  
4 Pieces  
5 The Crazy Going On  
6 You Gotta Move Me  
7 Ride The Flow  
8 Sitting Here  
9 Point In Time  
10 Wouldn't Change a Thing  
11 Dreamchaser  
12 My Baby  
13 I'm Alright  
14 Whistling Past Today  
15 If She Only Could See  
16 Doing Things My Way  
17 Here We Go Again  
18 Freedom  
19 Boy's Club  
20 Worth The Wait  
21 Darkness  
22 Thunder Road  
23 Rose Hill Cowboys