Mike Lacey
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Boys Will Be Boys

Son, as you get older, there's gonna be decisions
Lotta roads that you can choose to take
I'll always be around, if you ever need me
To help avoid repeating my mistakes

Men are funny creatures, try so hard to hide
How we hurt, or like to be alone
Showing how we're tough and also so successful
Bragging about everything we own

Boys, will be boys, long as they are able
Growing older but not up and pretend
That what matters most are looks and money
Keeps some boys from turning into men

Family and friends can make a life worth living
And happiness means more than what you earn
Remember lots of lessons life is gonna teach you
And you can pass 'em on when it's your turn


There's certain situations, that make us feel so terrified
We protect our feelings with a wall
Gotta stop the crazy way we bury our emotions
Or feelings can make failures of us all

Looking in your eyes I see a twinkle that reminds me
Of when I didn't know what worry meant
Growing up is overrated, so savor every day
Cause 'fore you know it, time has come and went