Mike Lacey
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Whistling Past Today

Lyric Credits: Mike Lacey
Music Credits: Mike Lacey
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Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal:
Male Vocal
Whistling Past Today Mike Lacey 2019

My daughter had a boyfriend, they fell in love at school
Always used to argue, him and me
They got married, moved away, didn't let me know
Now got a grandson that I've never seen

Lotta things I meant to do, more I meant to say
Thought I had a lot of time, 'til it slipped away
Choices made, chances lost, later on there comes a cost
Often leave a heavy price to pay, that's the toll for whistling past today

Jenny's Father used to call, ask her out to eat
'Tween life and work, she couldn't fit him in
Now he's old and frail, barely walks, can't recall her name
Wished she had those evenings back again

Chorus 2 "She"

Solo < A - E - D - A, D - A - E x2>

Not a lot can dull the pain, only got yourself to blame
When the same mistakes keep showing up again
Once a moment passes by, rarely get another try
Only get to think what could/might have been

Joe and Bill were buddies since the two of them were kids
Growing up as close as family
One night after drinking, Joe watched Bill driving away
Found him later wrapped around a tree

Chorus 3 "He" -
Chorus 4
"We all do things we regret, or wish we didn't say",
"Think time is on our side, 'til it slips away"
Choices made, chances lost, later on we learn the cost
Often leaves a heavy price to pay, that's the toll for whistling past today