Mike Lacey
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Thunder Road

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Thunder Road (Muscle Cars) copyright 2022
I always dreamed 'bout muscle cars
Tells the world the kind of man you are
Horsepower makes a car the king
Speed and style mean everything

Be a rebel like James Dean, or quiet cool like Steve McQueen
. . . . . In a mean machine Hey!

Italian cars can really fly
But want a price that's way too high
Bentley makes some classy rides
Caters to the snobby side

Electric cars the latest craze, don't get far on long highways
. . . . Miss the hot rod days Hey!
Got a big block hemi, four on the floor
Smell rubber burn, hear the engine roar
Pass Teslas like they're sitting still
Juice don't run like octane will
A T-Bird, Vette or GTO
Greased lightning anywhere you go
Folks stop and stare at muscle cars
Go well with women and guitars

A magnetism you can't buy, can make a loser one hot guy
. . . . . Giving you the eye Hey!