Mike Lacey
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Pieces Copyright 2022
The World is full of pieces, all colors, shapes and size
More of them around us, than people realize
Touching lives and feelings, in lots of different ways
Constantly in motion, affect us every day
Some are deep inside us, some floating on the breeze
Can take you to the mountaintop, or bring you to your knees
Pieces full of sadness, can leave you feeling poor
While pieces of desire, will leave you wanting more
Pieces can come off as insignificant and small
Or might not even notice anything at all
But just the way a bender starts with just a swig
Pieces joined together can turn into something big
Pieces of a sunrise, pieces at high noon,
Pieces in a sunset, pieces of the moon
One after another, tomorrow on the way
Pieces get connected, lead us day to day
Pieces of good fortune, can bring you wealth or luck
Pieces of disaster, can leave you thunderstruck
Pieces made of love, that find their way to you
Can make pieces of life into a dream that's coming true
Don't let people tell you little things don't count
They don't understand what pieces do
Combining lots of pieces, makes a sizable amount
Enough to make a difference to you