Mike Lacey
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Lives On The Line

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Lives On The Line copyright 2022 Mike Lacey
Got deep respect, for sacrifices heroes make
When crisis calls, don't delay at all, well aware that danger waits
Police respond, helping folks they've never known
Forge ahead, through a hail of lead, might not make it home

Prechorus 1
Work every day, til people cut their pay

They protect and serve, lives are on the line
When trouble comes, defend us every time

People in pain, call a medic to assist
They get there quick, and treat the sick, regardless of the risk
When fires rage, first responders fight the flames,
Can barely breathe, through smoke and heat, save lives, ignoring pain

Prechorus 2
Some want 'em banned, until they need a hand
Bless the nurses, paramedics, firefighters and police
Put others first, render aid and try to keep the peace

Prechorus 3
Thankful they're around, in our cities, streets and towns

Repeat chorus