Mike Lacey
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Hey Virginia

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Hey Virginia

Hey Virginia, I'm coming back soon
To visit my family
Miss your mountains and Chesapeake moon
But hearing things that worry me

Smell sweet honeysuckle growing wild
Dogwoods swaying in the wind
But the changes since I was a child
Are hard for me to comprehend

Yeah, used to be home
Closest thing to Heaven I'd ever known
But different kind of seeds are being sown
Still a treasure but something's wrong

Built on a dream of being free
Willing to fight and die
Comparing now to what used to be
Makes this old Virginian cry

Sad at tradition being stripped away
Statues falling in the square
Angry narrow minds move in each day
Bringing their poison there

Chorus- Solo

It's hallowed ground, basted with Southern soul,
Founded by men of vision, brave and wise
A Land that put her people in control
No King to tell 'em how to live their lives