Mike Lacey
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Wouldn't Change a Thing

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Wouldn't Change A Thing Copyright 2022
Spring in my step, like I can fly
Lawd I am one lucky guy
Healthy happy family, no reason to complain
Had ups and downs, caught some breaks
Learned a lot from my mistakes
Seeing how it's working out, I'd do it all again

There's people always chasing fame and fortune
Going round in circles trying to grab the ring
But ain't what you earn or what you own, that gives your hungry heart a home
Content to be the way I am, wouldn't change a thing
Looking back, growing up before
Didn't have much, never felt poor
Learned what really meant the most, is what we had inside
Wouldn't trade the simple ways
Made buddies I still have today
Thankful we grew up back then, parents as the guide


The folks I've met and places that I've been,
Leaves me feeling blessed and satisfied,
Got no regrets whenever my journey ends,
I've had myself one great helluva ride
Content to be the way I am, I wouldn't change a thing