Mike Lacey
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Silence For Sale

Lyric Credits: Dave Lacey
Music Credits: Dave Lacey
Short Song Description:
Looking for answers for life's questions
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
Secondary Genre:
Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal:
Male Vocal
Mood 1:
© 2004, Lacey Music
Silence For Sale (Without a Clue)

Stormy night
Ain't a cloud in the sky
Times are tough all around

You were right
I don't ask why
The weather changes
If you listen
You'll hear it changin'
You and all the rest

And I'm caught
Inside a mystery
Blamed without a clue
I've got to find my way out
Find out what it's all about

Way too still for
A summer night
The world gets hotter every day
You were nowhere
To be found
The changes kill you
They're relentless
You'll feel it changin'
Like nothin' you can help

Then you're lost
Inside a mystery
Gone without a clue
You've got to find your way out
Wonder what you're gonna do

You try to follow them folks
Like sunsets
Now they're goin' their own way
Everyday is yesterday
Do you hear it when I say
Everything will go away
Things have a way of working out

Silence For Sale (Without a Clue)

Come of age
And I turn the page
I saw it coming all along
Nothing's wrong and nothing's wrong
The changes find you
They're your shadow
Tapping your shoulder
And whisper in your ear

Swear you bought
Into the mystery
Sold without a clue
Now you know there's no way out

Wonder what there's left to prove
Wonder what you're gonna do

I'm just looking for a clue