Mike Lacey
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Band Of Buddies

Lyric Credits: Mike Lacey
Music Credits: Mike Lacey
Producer Credits: Mike Lacey
Short Song Description:
The story of a bunch of guys who grew up together and remain as close friends
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
Secondary Genre:
Rock-Roots/Rock n' Roll
Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal:
Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1:
Boys, Men
Mood 1:
Similar Artist 1:
John Cougar Mellencamp
Band of Buddies Copyright 2009
Mike Lacey

Looking at the pictures of my buddies on the wall
I see that Father Time is gonna somehow find us all
Hair's a little grayer, and we gained a pound or two
But I could write a book of crazy things we used to do

Bridge 1
Made a lotta mischief, drank our share of beer
Still a band of buddies, after all these years

Might celebrate a sunny sky, or howl up at the moon
Cruising 'round, windows down, cranking up the tunes
The girls along the boardwalk every summer were a prize
Best of my adventures growing up were with the guys

Bridge 2
Made a pile of memories, weathered our mistakes
Got a bond between us, never gonna break


When trouble hit we'd work it out, pull each other through
Somehow getting lucky when we didn't have a clue

Life has got us scattered but we're still in touch today
Roots are in Virginia where as kids we used to play
A rare and special bunch of guys that set the bar as friends
Cut a path as brothers that we'll travel 'til the end

Bridge 1