Mike Lacey
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Take A Chance

Lyric Credits: Mike Lacey
Music Credits: Mike Lacey
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Medium (111 - 130)
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Male Vocal
Take a Chance On Me copyright 2019

When I was a boy, never knew my Mom
It was just my Dad and me
Did his best, to raise me up
What he thought a man should be
Learned to use his tools, drive and fix a car
On the range my aim was true
I didn't know what I didn't know
Til the day when I met you
Take a chance on me, you'll be glad you did
It'll set you free, feeling like a kid
Yeah, it won't be long, for your heart to see
That you can't go wrong, taking a chance on me
When I turned 18, joined the Corps
Put a K9 by my side
And they shipped us off, to a foreign land
Where it's sandy, hot and dry
Wrote to you, every chance I had
Marking time til I came home
Made my day when you answered back
Feeling not so quite alone
Chorus (short solo D - A, A - G - D. A)
When my tour was done, got to keep my dog
He'd been shot but was on the mend
Taught me lot about trust and love
What's real, and what pretend

So I asked you out, soon as I got home
And we talked all through the night
Been several years, so I sat amazed
How it all still felt so right

Chorus -
Yeah, it won't be long, for your heart to see
That you can't go wrong taking a chaaaance . . on me