Mike Lacey
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Misery Girl

Lyric Credits: Mike Lacey
Music Credits: Mike Lacey
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Medium Fast (131 - 150)
Lead Vocal:
Male Vocal
Misery Girl Copyright 2019 Mike Lacey
Said God had sent her, to help me ease my pain
I wasn't sure 'bout letting my guard down again
On the heels of heartbreak, sure liked her company
But was a darker side, that it took awhile to see

Seemed like a perfect fit, the moment that we met
Came off so innocent, it's an act I won't forget
In time she drew me in, we became so close
Completely trusted her, when she said I mattered most

I thought I knew her well, man I was so wrong
Just wanted money, so was stringing me along

I curse the day I met the misery girl
Got where I couldn't stand her sight
She stripped me clean, changed how I see the world
Haunted my sleep most every night

Was like she read my mind, knew just what I like
I recognized the ruse, when her lying came to light
Found out to my regret, our love was just a game
She played me for a fool, I was broken and ashamed

Bridge - Chorus - G - D - A x4 solo

I saw her with a friend, warned him what she'd do
Took him for everything, left when she was through
I heard she made the rounds, wrecked so many lives
Thank God I learned the truth, saw through her disguise

It knocked me down awhile, way she done me wrong
But now I'm coming back, spirit growing strong

I wish I'd never met the misery girl
But turned the corner, saw the light
Like my old self, taking on the world
Know that it's gonna be alright

D-G-A x2, D