Mike Lacey
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Little Man

Lyric Credits: Mike Lacey
Music Credits: Mike Lacey
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Medium Slow (91 - 110)
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Male Vocal
Little Man Mike Lacey 2019
Oh little man, the day that I first held you in my arms
Swore that I'd watch over you, shelter you from harm
And like your Mom before you, a miracle to me
The closest to the hand of God a man could ever be
As you explore and wander, whether near or far
I'll always be beside you, no matter where you are
Chase your dreams, my Little Man, forever; be good to others every chance you can
If something gets you down, remember I'm around, for helping out in case you need a hand
Growing up is harder than it was awhile ago
Life will test and tempt you, there's so much more to know
Take your time and think about the choices that you make
Good will come if you work hard and learn from your mistakes
Bridge- Chorus
I look at you amazed at just how quickly years have passed
Try to keep things simple in a world that moves so fast
Savor every moment, don't wish time away
Have yourself some fun making the best of every day

Bridge-Chorus ( call me if you ever need a hand)