Mike Lacey
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You Never Know

Lyric Credits: Mike Lacey
Music Credits: Mike Lacey
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Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal:
Male Vocal
You Never Know copyright 2019
I was leaving the bar
Looking around
When I saw your smile,
And sat back down

Perched up on a stool
Ordered a beer
Toasted luck
Seeing you here

Pre Chorus
It's the kinda night makes me wanna roam
Too restless to sit at home
Ain't in the mood for being alone
And here we are, so good so far
Got a pocketful of money and plenty of time
Enough to leave our worries behind
So sit awhile, have some wine
You never know what we might find
Short solo - harp - 1 bar (E riff - G - A - E riff)
Likin' what you're wearing
And the way you walk
Felt so familiar
When we started to talk

Don't know where it's going
Nothing guaranteed
But ain't afraid to follow
Where this might lead

PreChorus/Chorus 2 (Tell your stories, I'll tell mine) - Solo (Sax - 2 bars)

Temperature's rising
I'm a puppet on a string
Honey, say the word
I'll do anything

Let's share our secrets,
Do moonshine shots
Laugh and make the most
Of the time we've got

Prechorus - Chorus 2 - Outtro (E riff - G - A - E riff, 2 bars, button ending