Mike Lacey
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Time To Play

Lyric Credits: Mike Lacey
Music Credits: Mike Lacey
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Medium (111 - 130)
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Male Vocal
Time To Play copyright 2019
Near the end of a long hard week
A little fun's the reward I seek
Steady sweat dripping from my brow
But ain't nothing gonna stop me now
When day is done, I'm outta here
To meet my buddies for a burger and beer
Country jukebox, t-shirt and jeans
Birds of a feather, blowing off steam

In a World that tries to beat you down
It's good to kick back, have a couple of rounds
Make your money grinding through each day
But when the workweek's over, it's time to play
Short harp solo <2 measures>
Born and raised in a one light town
Broke and bored, started looking around
Found the city that fit my plan
Brought me here to the promised land

Made some friends, didn't take me long
We're like Brothers, yeah the bond is strong
Work like dogs til the week is done
Then reap the spoils stirring up some fun


Solo (guitar/sax) <4 measures>

Refrain (modulate up to G)
Look forward to my weekend pass
Wish they didn't seem to go so fast
Monday morn it starts over again
Til Friday night, when the party begins

Modulate back to A
Now it's 3 AM, still out on the floor
Dancing with a girl I never knew before
Band is smoking, things are going right
Luck is smiling my way tonight

Chorus -
When the workweek's over . . it's time to play x2 -