Mike Lacey
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Feels Like Home

Lyric Credits: Mike Lacey
Music Credits: Mike Lacey
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Medium Fast (131 - 150)
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Male Vocal
Mood 1:
Feels Like Home copyright 2019
Open road before me, five hundred miles to go
Driving with the light of the moon
Know my baby's waiting, but gotta take it slow
When you're hauling oversize, ain't getting nowhere soon
Always been a gypsy, answered just to me
Content to wander on my own
But when I met her something 'bout it struck me differently
Found the place that feels like home
When I was a young boy, I felt the urge to roam
A spirit running wild and free
Liked the sound of 18 wheelers, diesel pheromones
Born to be a highwayman, calling out to me
Chorus (looking out for me)- solo (B - E - B, B - E - F# - B)
Refrain A-B, A-E-F#
Started with a longing, I never felt before
Loved to put the hammer down, but wanted something more
Meeting her my heart was like when water hits a seed
Got something growing deep inside
After years of solitude, found just what I need
Got the best of both worlds, my soul is satisfied
Chorus 2
Used to be a gypsy, but something changed in me
Lost the need to be alone
She lifted up my spirit, got me thinking differently
Next to her it feels like home