Mike Lacey
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Turn Me Loose

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Rock-Roots/Rock n' Roll
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Turn Me Loose copyright 2022
Wanna get out, run the streets,
To where the gypsies meet
Gotta go and wander free
To save my sanity
Leave the city, need to play
Escape the noise, get far away
Ride the wind, without a care
Destination anywhere
Wanna see the promised land, it's time to roll, turn on the juice
I'm a hungry, restless man, so cut these chains and turn me loose
I need to change the view
Hit the road for somewhere new
Clears my mind to break away
Live every night like Saturday

This place don't feel like home
In a crowd but all alone
Open Country calling me
And wouldn't mind some company
Chorus - solo
Cabin fever where I've been
It's time to make new friends
Spirit's achin' for some room
Open air is my perfume
Couple beers'll start things right
Gonna have some fun tonight
Rock n roll, sets the mood
Elevates my attitude
Chorus - repeat Chorus